Moments in History

A 1920s Selfie

Selfie Side

Selfies are all the rage these days. From duck-lipped sorority girls in the bathroom to world leaders, everybody is in on it. However, the selfie isn’t exactly new. Hit the jump to see the results of this selfie.

Selfie front

[Image Credits: Museum of the City of New York via Retronaut]

  • Heard someone wondering the other day if there is a relationship between the increase in lice in school age children and selfies. "OK, everybody put your heads together now!"

  • It looks like someone lost a hat between the two pictures.

    • Yeah, the posing is a bit different too.

    • My guess is the side-on photograph was taken at a later date and position, after people saw the 'selfie' they wanted to know how it was made? Anyway, the rooftop has changed from boardwalk and corrugated tin to something more regular and brickwork.

      Even "Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima" was essentially a do-over.

  • cruisintime

    Hover hand in the top photo.

  • skitter

    Despite the links back to the museum (thanks for including them,) I still can't help feeling like this is some sort of elaborate prank.

    • It is two totally different groups of people. Aside from that fact.

      • It's fairly obvious to me that the first picture is of the men responsible for Black Monday about to consummate their suicide pact. I can tell from the hats, and from having seen a few suicide pacts in my time. That's not a camera they're holding, but a prototype of the Claymore Mine, the technology for which is alien (Kryptonian) at it's core. Furthermore, its obvious from the second picture that the first picture was taken by Jor-El. Jor-El took also the second picture of the rapscallions as they were evidencing chagrin at not being killed by their own suicide (which Jor-El had cunningly convinced them to agree upon, from Krypton) but instead condemned to the eternal living death. Obviously this was all done to make way for Kal-El to land in a world of severe economic depression with no real bad guys to blame for it. Until 1985, when they all busted out, having developed an affinity for leather clothing. They look different in the second picture (duh) because their true Kryptonian selves are shown by the Kryptonian lens Jor-El used. I can tell from the mustaches and from having seen a few Kryptonian Doom souvenir photos in my time.


      • Blues

        Yes, read the caption. "The way the photograph was made…"

  • fodder650

    Man, Mr "Diabeetus" was always old. You can clearly see that's him on the left.

    • Number_Six

      Eat your goddam oatmeal!