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User Input: The Annual New Year’s Resolution Post

new years resolution

It’s January. The start of a new year and a time when we humans look out before us with hope that maybe this year will be different than the previous years and that goal we set for ourselves will actually be met. Gyms and churches will be filled with people. Rosetta Stone software will be purchased. Nicotine replacement patch sales will soar. Give it a month, though, and most will have fallen into old habits. This has led many people to not even bother with the whole resolution thing. Where do you, dear readers, fall? Do you try to improve your life a little each year with a promise to do something good or quit something bad? Or do you say screw it and continue on with what you’ve been doing?

  • jeepjeff

    Continue what I'm doing. The "resolutions" I posted over on Hooniverse are actually long-standing goals/plans. I didn't just make them up in the last week. I feel like New Year's resolutions are always a doomed exercise.

  • I'm not a resolutions kind of guy. I have made it a goal to pass my Amateur Radio General class license exam by early March, and to buy a house before the SF market moves permanently beyond my meager means. Like jeepjeff, though, those goals were in set before the holiday week came around.

  • cruisintime

    I watch my diet,eat no fast food and workout . I drink in moderation and my long term goals have been set for years. My only resolution is to suffer fools with more temperance.

  • I'm trying to set goals that are meaningful, but not so pie-in-the-sky they won't happen:

    – Get the downright glacial Bultakenstein project at least to the point where it's a rolling chassis that's up on its own wheels.
    – Get to the gym often enough that I don't feel foolish deducting my membership dues from my checkbook.
    – Get rid of the clutter in our house.

  • Shoot more and fish more. I might actually be able to get these done.

  • craigsu

    I'm apologizing now for hijacking the post but along with the New Year comes a change in my favorite online graphic novel, Girl Genius. (Curse you, Professor!) Now I'm thrilled that the Foglio's are taking some well-deserved time off to refresh and reintroduce themselves to their children but I'm not overjoyed with the temporary illustrator they're using. The new illustrations are flat and lacking in depth compared to the originals. Thus far I'm wishing Phil and Kaja had just decided to take the comic offline until March instead of passing an old radio drama to another illustrator as a project. Agatha is way too skinny, not a good look for her.

    • The Professor

      Oh, come on, give the kid a chance – it's only been one post so far. I'll agree that the illustration style isn't up to the standard to which we've become accustomed, Zeetha in particular looks like a psychotic maniac. Then again, she pretty much is a psychotic maniac, albeit a rather lovable one. Anyway, let's give the lad a good length of rope before we decide to hang him, and let us see how things develop while the Foglios are recharging, and trust in their choice of a fill-in artist.

      • craigsu

        Oh, so now you're the voice of reason. Very well, I give him 3 months, no more!

    • I'm still miffed at the change from Pugnacious Dipsomaniac Buck Godot to Jolly Fat Kid Buck Godot.

  • The Professor

    As for New Year's resolutions, bah! My main goal is to stay on the right side of the ground, as per usual.

    • But most of the interesting geology is… Oh, right. Carry on, then.

    • Vairship

      My goal is to live forever. So far, it's going just as scheduled…

  • Recurveman

    My New Years resolution is to totally stop using profanity!

    On Tuesdays…

    In June…

    At 2:07am….

    So far I'm doing great!