Free Range Technology

Track N Go


Now that we have finally dug out from our Polar Vortex here at the Atomic Toasters Detroit Outpost we have begun thinking of things to help us get to work no matter the snow depth. We believe we may have found the awesome. Hit the jump for a video.

YouTube Preview Image

Also, that soundtrack needs to play whilst dashing through the white stuff on your Track N Go. Always.

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  • tiberiusẅisë

    That is awesome. I'd love to see a dirt bike version.

  • cruisintime


  • skitter

    This calls for, among other things, a Jeep Hurricane.

  • Felis_Concolor

    Looks like Mattracks finally have a decent competitor, but I'm still going with Litefoot units for the Haflinger.

  • HycoSpeed

    This seems like an appropriate place for this Mattracks burnout video…

    [youtube GBEgIyyG5xc youtube]