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Team Titan


For you Sunday afternoon viewing pleasure, how about a Titan missile launch sequence! The video is footage from old video and portions of the tour you can take at the Titan Missile Museum in Arizona. Hit the jump for video ad enjoy!



Video from the youtube of one Wayne Devin, via highpowerrocketry, image from

  • Martin M

    I’ve been in a lot of Titan silos, and boy are they enormous. Sitting on the W and looking up (like in the bottom image) is just surreal.

    • B72

      Wasn't there a period of time whe you could buy a decommissioned silo for a pittance and create your own evil lair / really cool space?

      • As a matter of fact, that time is now! Try as a starting point!

        <img src="; width=500>

        Why yes, I have daydreamed of such living quarters myself! Actually, thanks to the power of the googles tracking everything that I do, I started typing "missile silos for sale", and it suggests this website I last looked at probably a year ago. But still safe and sound in my history file!

        • Martin M

          I’ve never seen a Titan I or II site for sale. Only Atlas, Nike, and support sites.

  • CopterBob

    There I was, sitting in my converted missile silo luxury home, watching a rerun of Failsafe and suddenly wondering if they updated all the old cold war missile strike coordinates…

    • Martin M

      A total perversion of the term ‘failsafe’. For some reason, failsafe has come to mean that in whatever situation, an event takes place regardless. For example, the weapon launches anyway, or the deal succeeds.

      Failsafe actually comes from the nuclear world, and means to fail in a safe manner. In the event of an accident or improper procedure, the weapon will NOT detonate, launch, or anything else. In the event of a failure of codes, humans, equipment, the system will be safe.