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Sometimes Free Stuff Isn’t Worth It


I watched one of those youtube teach-you-about-life-through-science videos (from AsapScience) a week or so ago, explaining whether or not getting cold could actually make you sick–you know, the whole, ‘Put on a sweater or you’ll catch cold!’ thing everyone’s mom ised to say. Lucky for me, right now I live in a warm place, warm being relative of course, but not so lucky, just about everyone in my family has gotten vacation sick, including me. On the plus side, if there is such a thing when you sick, is lots of sitting around whining and playing on the internet. And what better to look at on the internet than free stuff on online classifieds!

Last week we had a nice showing, with the big win going to Devin with a whole free barn, just take it down and move it! (Hit the jump to see the barn in question if you missed it!) His submission also got a nice supporting comment from Batshitbox suggesting that he share the ad on Nice job guys! Now get out there and see what you can dig up this week!


  • $kaycog

    FREE 3 unopened bottles blinker fluid……….. .

    <img src=""width="500"/&gt;

    Who said that free stuff isn't worth it?

  • sawermassey


    Just in case your computer breaks and putting screwdrivers in your ears just isn't enough aural pain.
    "Missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-days Saints will hand deliver FREE bibles in Toronto and GTA.

    If you would like the missionaries will introduce our basic beliefs—such as faith in Jesus Christ, repentance and obedience to God’s commandments – and discuss any other questions you have about the Church or about religion or life in general.

    These get-togethers are very casual. You won’t be asked to buy anything or make a donation, only to learn more about the Church that means so much to us.

    If the things the missionaries share are interesting and meaningful to you, you can set up another appointment to discuss them in more depth and learn more. They can also give you a Book of Mormon and accompany you to church meetings so that you can see for yourself what our faith is about.

    We will deliver the bible as soon as we can."

    Or, how about a new lovable companion?

    "Cat just got pregnant, so if you love raising kittens this is your cat to get very friendly does not scratch very well raised cat grey and black in colour names smokey but if you decide to grab her naming is your choice."

  • Looks like a slow day in SFSIWI land. Without anything currently available on the webs to contribute, I hope this week's installment of stuff I got for free and was it worth it? will hold your attention on this most awesome of websites, Atomic Toasters. This week: The 1963 International Harvester Scout 80 2WD.

    Yep, I got that one for freebies, but man did I have to work for it. I'll keep it brief, but thank your stars I don't go in for footnotes. In short, the Scout belonged to my old friend, Bubba (not his real name.) He had purchased it on my recommendation in 1998 just before I moved away from San Francisco. Also just before he went to grad school, moved twice, got married, bought a house, had a kid, got divorced, became head of his department and quit drinking. The Scout had been with him through all that, but by the time I moved back to SF in 2008 it was in a desperate state of disrepair. Bubba called me one day and said, "I gotta get some of this crap out of my garage, just come over here and take this thing away!"

    So right there I had a Scout that in 1998 I had wanted to buy but couldn't, and now I had it for free. Only it was a wreck. One door wouldn't open and the other wouldn't stay closed without the bunjee cord. Everything on the truck was like that (except the running gear, which ran and ran all day long and only disliked 2nd gear.) The resurrection was touch and go for a couple of years, owing to a volatile job market. But then the magic moment came: While driving my employed girlfriend to work we were rear ended by a '97 Blazer. The Check came in for $1730 and a salvage title. The truck never left my driveway.

    So this became the first automobile I'd ever owned that was operating in the black. Near zero outlay, 1700 dollar return. Of course I went right out and bought an $850 parts truck. Still $800 up, right? After blowing that on another transmission and a brake upgrade I sold the damned thing for $800 and resolved to restore the parts truck. (!)

    To sum up; A free, driving (legally!) on the roads truck brought in $1700 in insurance windfall. Hundreds of hours of labor and, if you count the parts truck, thousands of dollars in parts later I have a basket case up on blocks in my garage.
    Verdict: Was it worth it? Yes. First and foremost because I had two years of this

    <img src=" 008900.JPG" width="500/">

    but secondarily because I have funny stories like this one to tell and still basically have a free Scout in the garage to work on. Only it's yellow, and the steering wheel is on the other side.

    <img src="; width="450/">

    • cruisintime

      " One door would not open and the other would not stay closed without a bungee."
      Sounds like half the crap on craigslist. Nice find and nice story.

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