Shutdown: The Claw


You’re scared of the claw, aren’t ya?

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  • sawer-massey

    "AAAWWWHHH! THE CLAW!" "It will take us to a better place"
    But in all seriousness, does anyone else end up on foreign language pages in their quest for knowledge and just decide to click on random links to see what happens?

    • All the time! Probably some 75% of the Shutdown images I have posted came from doing just this! Using Chrome and having Google offer to translate things helps, but it is kind of funny how often it just translates a small portion of a page and I still end up doing guess and click.

    • Recurveman

      Too scared of malware virus crap to do that unfortunately.

  • skitter

    I'm mildly confused when something this significant just gets left somewhere.

    • Scrap steel prices used to be a whole lot less than they are today.

    • I found this picture on a site with a bunch of abandoned stuff in the Chernobyl Zone of Stay-The-F-Out-Or-Get-Irradiated, so I am guessing that's why it got left. There are lots of pictures of all the crap that got left in there these days, so if so many people are going in to make a photoblog, is it still that radioactive?

  • cruisintime

    Old pipe laying equipment?

  • markus

    since the originating website is – the very first thing i would do is checking my radiation counter ..

  • After world war II, some surplus tank chassis were used as bases for logging equipment such as the log skidder shown here.

    • cruisintime

      That is pipe laying equipment. There are a number of differences.

  • cruisintime

    Currently going over the scales @ $170. per ton….

  • sawer-massey

    I just found this: though the above linked I wish I could justify the $200 for the thing. The Professor could definitely use this in his lair.

  • SSurfer321

    Ran when parked.