Shutdown: So Many Questions…


How did… Why is… Is that guy… I…I just don’t know where to start.

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[Ed. note – Perhaps some of you noticed that instead of a Monday Shutdown and a Tuesday Shutdown, you just got two Mondays. I am here to tell you, yes.]

  • I don't know what you're freaking out about. It all seems by-the-book to me. It's a few years after the war, you've got a nice brand new bridge with some sleek guardrails and hydrodynamic foundations and a bit of new construction nearby; Who's going to notice you towing that (correct me about the airplane) down the off ramp? On a Sunday morning?

    (EDIT: It's a B-17) (And an image search confirms it's well after the war, and in the United States) (Not sure what museum it's on it's way to, but maybe that Tug should be there too?) (Also, WTF? If you knew where you were going, and what you were doing… why the hell didn't you take the propellers off?!?)

    • OA5599

      It is Sleepy Time Gal, being delivered across the Mad River Bridge to the USAF museum at Wright-Patterson AFB in June, 1957. It remained at that museum until 1989, and is presently on static display at the Air Mobility Command Museum, which had exchanged a restored operational B-17, Shoo-Shoo-Shoo-Baby, for it.

      Also, the outboard props look like they are oriented to provide maximum ground clearance. I doubt the rails on the bridge are high enough to interfere, and I'm sure they are going slowly enough to spot any potential contact and remedy it before it occurs.

      • Zowie! How the heck do you know all that? I know the internet provides, but that's pretty quick response time for so much detail.

        I'm a New Englander, and I've had some fun times associated with the Mad River in Vermont… let me look up Wright-Patterson and see if it's the same Mad River. Though, that's a pretty fancy bridge for Vermont in the late '50s.

        EDIT: Nope, not the Vermont Mad River. Wright-Patterson is in or around Dayton, Ohio… not sure where the Mad River Bridge you mentioned is in relation to that.

        Curious coincidence, though, on the Vermont tip; when I went to look up Wright-Patterson just now the "Featured Article" on wikipedia is about Steamtown, U.S.A. which is a steam train museum in Vermont.

  • jalopjackie

    "Alright Bob, I told you I could get her down in one piece. Pay up."
    "Well dangit. I didn't think you'd be nuts enough to try. Fine, drinks are on me, but you're paying the towing charge."

  • Martin M

    I blame college pranksters.

  • NotJustDucky

    It's stuff like this that reinforces that urban legend about one in every so many (pick your number, usually five or ten in my experience) miles of interstate highway must be straight and flat enough to be used as a runway.