Idiotic or Inspired?

Planes And Trains

03 Gisborne Airport Runway

A while back we looked at the Gibralter Airport, which has a road running across the runway. Well, Gisborne Airport in New Zealand, in an attempt to one up the tiny British territory, has a set of active train tracks that cross its one paved runway. Now, you might be thinking that this is idiotic. However, it combines planes AND trains! It’s actually a nexus of awesome.

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  • sawermassey

    Where is John Candy in this picture? You should at least be able to see his trunk at this zoom level.

  • Correction: It combines steam trains and radial engined military airplanes. (Also it's Gibraltar, but you got that wrong in the other post too, so points for consistency. Anyway Wolfie isn't around to correct you anymore.)

    • Dammit!

    • Specifically a Grumman TBF Avenger. I'll leave it to one of our resident rail experts to identify the locomotive.

  • cruisintime

    Can you rephrase the question and make it a quiz ?………

  • skitter

    The little airplane looks enormous parked next to the big train.

  • Looking at it from the sky… there appears to be room for the train track to detour around the runway…

  • CopterBob

    You call that strafing? I'll show you strafing…

  • jalopjackie

    Junior copilot: "Is it normal for us to stop halfway down the runway like this?"
    Senior pilot: "No, this is just for training purposes."

    Junior engineer: "That road we just crossed… was that what I think it was?"
    Senior engineer: "Plane-ly."

    • "Where's the Brakeman? This is clearly a runway train!"

  • Recurveman

    Not sure if anyone noticed but there is actually a white truck at the top left of the page. So technically this is planes trains and automobiles. Basically everything awesome wrapped into one picture.