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Do you find yourself with a little too much spare time this holiday season, and a hankering for some video games of your youth? Well, you are in luck, thanks to The Internet Archive. The fine folks over there have created an extensive database of early video games from such consoles as the Atari 2600 and 7800, ColecoVision, Magnavox Odyssey, and Astrocade, available for in-browser emulation via the Console Living Room. Right now there is no sound, but I have faith in each and every one of you’s ability to hum and noisemake appropriately to fully re-create the gaming experiences of your youth–even the ever elusive, rescued from the landfill, E.T. game! Hit the link and check it out, and be sure to let us know in the comments what your favorite game is!

Discovered via techradar.com, and available thanks to The Internet Archive!

  • "…when the fireplace and later television were transformed by gaming consoles into a center of videogame entertainment. "

    What? I never had video games in my fireplace! No wonder I turned out like I did.

    Diagnostic Test Cartridge. Hit F4. Wowzers.

  • jeepjeff

    One comment? Just one? You people aren't even trying, are you?

    Pitfall. Go'way.

    • The Professor

      Hmph. Someone's a grump….

    • I had to use willpower to leave a silly comment before I got sucked into Galaga.
      (What are you playing Pitfall on? Wasn't that an Intellivision game?)

      • jeepjeff

        Original release was for the Atari 2600 in September 1982.

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