Om Nom Nom

observatory-eats-moonSeveral hours after being eaten, the moon appeared to emerge from the Arecibo radio telescope, quickly quelling a new-born myth; but, gave rise to more questions than it answered.


  • So, the Arecibo radio telescope is lactose intolerant.

    • I should point out that the picture in the photo is not the Arecibo telescope. I"m not even sure which telescope that is playing the role of the mouth. The implied joke was that the Arecibo (not pictured) was taking on another role.

  • Didn't realize until now that Namco played a role in designing the Arecibo.

  • That's a fly Venus trap.

    • cruisintime

      That is Mr. Venus Flytrap from WKRP ?

  • cruisintime

    Atomic Gyroscopes inside Atomic Telescopes.

  • The Professor

    Good to see you back, Techie. I take it that your hair finally grew out?

    • Most of my hair grew back. Still haven't quite figured out what the strange gas emanating from the lesions is. Three doctors suffered permanent neural damage trying to figure it out. Also, it can soften most any root vegetable to a perfect al-denté in under 5 minutes.

  • chrystlubitshi

    Somewhat off topic, I recently made use of the GMC navigational system in a 2012 Acadia Denali, it gives you a reverse Pac-Man graphic to show your progress (or, at least, that is all I could think of)– it spits out white dots for every mile that you progress.

  • NoOneYouKnow

    That is an auxiliary telescope at the Paranal Observatory in Chile.