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The Cyclotram, unfortunately, is not real. It’s from the 1951 film Unknown World. Red Box doesn’t carry this film, so I’ve never seen it. From minutes of exhaustive research on the internets (i.e. I read a review on Monster Shack) I can tell you that the Cyclotram was built by scientists interested in finding an undiscovered, hospitable place for humans to hide in the earth’s crust so that they would be safe from WWIII. Enough with that nonsense. I say we build a real Cyclotram.

[Image Credit: x-ray delta one]

  • cruisintime

    Atomic Control Instruments……Check
    Set the controls for the Heart of the Sun…..

  • betterwrappedinbacon

    Life rafts, huh? Underground oceans? Those "Lead Insulated Walls" are going to be an issue.

  • sawermassey

    Me- "Inner space! Damn, I need me some of that!"
    Everyone else- "You don't have inner space Sawyer, (*whispers) it's the spot where your soul should be."

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    Oh, great. So among its many, many faults, The Core is also a remake.

    Judging merely from the Cyclotram vis-à-vis Virgil, Unknown World is not only earlier, but better, too.

    • They both sound a lot like Jules Verne's "Journey to the Center of the Earth".

      • Nope. Completely different. They went on foot, aside from that [spoiler alert!] wooden raft.

  • I've already been issued my uniform!

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  • Forrest Morgan