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User Input: Pride and Praise

imageI have a number of gadgets, gizmos and nerd accessories that tend to garner me quite a few compliments. The various pens that The Professor sent me a year or so ago are very high on that list; every time someone sees one, I get the dazzled, far-away look, and a longing expression of “Ohhhh… Pretty!”

Much as I love them, however, they are not the item that garners me the most compliments. I have a pair of Union Jack-festooned Doc Marten boots. Every time I wear them in public, I can be guaranteed at least a few compliments, if not a whole bundle of them. It’s a good feeling, particularly since my ex, who gave them to me as a gift, gave them under protest, thinking them ugly and tacky. To get that many compliments… well, it’s satisfying.

What gadget or accessory to you get the most compliments on?

  • [youtube _Eq8TOiqkCM youtube]

    P.S. Your ex was right about those boots.

  • SSurfer321

    My bling.

    Index finger – $13 ring bought at Pacific Sunwear back in my early 20's. Also doubles as bottle opener
    Ring finger – Ring from Tiffany & Co. from their Atlas Series. Bought at Tiffany & Co in Cincinnati utilizing the Mrs. discount.
    Bracelet – made by the Mrs. about 10 years ago for me. I cherish it dearly, almost lost it and she now she has to repair it monthly. But I refuse to let her modify it to make it stronger. I requested she make me a new one to replace my current one.

    <img src=";, width=500>

  • sawermassey

    My second pair in 10yrs. Vegetarian shoes. Also, my oil-skin overalls from Filson
    <img src="; target'="">
    <img src=""&gt;

    • All of my boots are made from vegetarians (cows).

      Nice overalls.

    • The Professor

      Filson makes excellent stuff. I have one of their oilskin dusters that I wear during the monsoons, and it's my favourite coat.

      • sawermassey

        I just got my new Packer coat for work and have been getting plenty of compliments. If the coat holds up as well as the overalls then I should be armor clad for life!

  • skitter

    Been wearing this one for 14 years every time I have to play dress-up, (sans feather and band):
    <img src=""&gt;

    I'm starting to think it's time to get this one and wear it every day.
    <img src="; width="500">

    • cruisintime

      Round these parts we call those "Dude Hats" sound familiar ??

      • The Professor

        Bah, you're just young punks that don't know anything. A good fedora is classy headgear, and keeps the sun out of your eyes and the rain off of your neck. You kids can keep your meshbacks.

      • skitter

        No idea. It just makes wearing a collar tolerable.

    • The Professor

      The second hat is very similar to my day-to-day fedora, except that mine is much more severely "weathered" (burn marks, shrapnel holes, etc.) It's a good, practical style that holds up well.
      If you want a really good, comfortable fedora for dressier use, look into getting a Stetson. They are a couple of cuts above what you typically find at The Village Hat Shops.

      • skitter

        Noted. I've been looking for a long time just to find one that isn't fuzzy.
        And I can't stand the tiny brims that are in fashion right now.

  • Renchick

    Compliments? </bitter>

  • jeepjeff

    I get the most compliments on something that came up recently: my pocket watch. It's a hefty, modern Victorinox:

    <img src=""&gt;

    I wear these:
    <img src="; width=500>

    Of all the shoes I've owned, these get the most comments. Usually people wondering if they're at all comfortable. (The answer is: it depends. I love them, but they take some getting used to, and good posture/joint position.)

    • The Professor

      Just looking at those makes me want to step on them. Or start juggling hammers.

      /I'm a really lousy juggler….

      • jeepjeff

        Yeah. They're lousy shop shoes. No protection from heavy objects, and the uppers are synthetic, so welding (and anything else hot) is an extra bad idea. They also not terribly well insulated. Not a big deal for tooling around coastal California, but they don't work well elsewhere (depending on the season).

        • The Professor

          Doesn't it bug you having stuff between your toes? It'd drive me nuts. Do they make socks for those kinds of shoes?
          Speaking of shop gear, those shoes really resemble some of the gloves I use in the shop:

          <img src="
; style="border:2px solid black;" alt=" " border="2" width="300">

          • sawermassey
          • The Professor

            MY EYES!

          • jeepjeff

            Does it bug me? No, not really, I hardly notice it. My toe dexterity has gone up, though. You kind of have to learn to claw your way into the toes to get them on.

            Socks? Yes, but not those awful things sawermassey posted. I've got ones that are black. Damnable thing is, the toe socks are compatible with my other shoes, but my toe shoes are not compatible with my old socks. That did annoy me. Also, the socks are chiral, so you can actually lose a left sock. I ended up marking the left ones with a paint pen to make sorting them easier.

  • I get the most comments when I wear one of my Glock shirts. Get a few comments on my phone too. A Samsung Rugby Pro, a ruggedized one that looks like it has a heavy duty case on it, but it is just the phone.

  • I'm not sure which one gets the most compliments but here's my knife collection. Always fun to whip one out at a party when someone asks for a knife. Come to think of it, I might be mistaking looks of panic for compliments.

    <img src="; width="500">

    • I pretty much always have a knife clipped to my pocket, usually a 3-4" Spyderco, Benchmade, or Kershaw lockback. I have learned to open them VERY fast. It has caused a few looks.

      • The Professor

        I've gotten quite fast opening my lockbacks too, and I know what you mean. Several people have asked my why I carry a switchblade after I use one, then I have to show them what's going on.
        I do own several switchblades, but I very rarely take them out of the house.

    • Irishzombieman☆

      Yep. Always get comments on my knives, most of them of the freaked-out sort.

      This is my usual pocket weight, a CRKT M16-14Z. It's 9 inches long, 1-1/4" tall and opens switchblade fast with a heavy metallic snick. It helps, in the office environment I spend most of my time in, to remind everyone every now and again that I'm a bit of a savage.

      <img src=""&gt;

      My daughter was out in my garage with me a while back, just hanging out with me while I tidied up. She kept finding knives stashed everywhere, just about my head height, on shelves all around the place. Her comment as she pulled down the fifth, a Fairbairn–Sykes: "Holy crap, Dad! Are you some kind of ninja?"

  • Dean Bigglesowrth

    I've had it for two decades and received plenty of compliments on my strawberry hat, but today Kelly Hogan herself complimented it. So I suppose it's officially a hat worthy of compliments.
    [youtube 62SfBbSpxxM youtube]