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Animated Aviation

Utah Valley University, which apparently has an aviation sciences department, put together this fantastic little video of the history of aviation. Well, mostly fantastic. They seem to have skipped a few things in post-war era. If you were making a similar video, what would you include that wasn’t included in UVU’s video?

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  • Number_Six

    My biggest aviation history pet peeve: that ever-ignored feat where Alcock & Brown crossed the Atlantic in a WWI Vickers Vimy bomber in 1919. Not to take away from Charles Lindbergh's wonderful solo marathon of enduration and airmanship, but for crissakes the first crossing happened eight years before him. Even though the duo were knighted and won the famous Daily Mail award, everyone seems to have forgotten Alcock & Brown.
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  • CopterBob

    Right off the top of my head…Santos-DuMont, Bleriot, the X-1, SR-71, SST, Shuttle, Rutan's Spaceship One…

  • Helicopters. Definitely would have said something about helicopters in a history of aviation.

    • CopterBob

      Sheesh, I didn't even think about rotary flight. Cierva, Sikorsky…

      • I'm only poking fun, but is it time to re-think your screen name?

  • baur markus

    Gagarin is missing