Great Scams in History

Swamp Gas

US Air Force Identification Chart

The US Air Force has long had a problem. They develop these super rad planes and then try to keep them a secret. The problem is, airplanes are visible to the naked eye up to pretty high altitudes. If one of these super secret planes is seen by the public, and those members of the public realize that it doesn’t look like anything they’ve seen, the secret is out. Unless you try to redirect. For a long time people would see strange planes flying in the Nevada desert and would be told what they really saw was swamp gas (where’s the swamp?) or a weather balloon. You can only do this so often then the public catches on. Then it just becomes a joke, while the Tin Foil Hat Brigade starts coming up with ideas of what the government is hiding that range from the absurd (aliens) to the truly unbelievable (cats which are friendly).

[Image Credit: x-ray delta one]