Shutdown: Pedal Power!

Foot powered helicopter!

Maybe it is just me, but how is he going to steer that thing?

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  • fodder650

    Easy. He steers it using frikken magnets. You just move your foot to adjust the direction of the magnet toward whichever pole you want to heard towards.

  • cruisintime

    The only place that ever flew was in somebodys imagination.

  • You steer it the same way you steer a hot air balloon. This idea never quite got off the ground, though.

  • Seems like an awful lot of work to keep yourself cool.

    • cruisintime

      I am a big fan of your wit.

      • I wish you could tell my wife that.

  • Plecostomus

    hey AT… consider posting photos from the Hiller Air Museum in San Carlos, CA full of weird stuff like this… like the air-drop-in, build-it-yourself-in-5-minutes escape helicopter for downed fighter pilots. also, it worked

    also, tailrotorless rotorcraft

    and the biggest reconnaisance drone I've ever seen is hung on the ceiling.

    • I'm a lover of the Hiller. Hain't been down there for a couple of years, but that was where I finally got it through my head how a radial engine worked. Had to peep the cutaway.

  • What is there to steer? He's just successfully bottomed out the world's least efficient post hole digger.

    • Post Hole Digger? In a railway switching yard? You jest.

  • How do you steer? Flatulence of course!

  • B72

    Looks like a weather balloon.