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Message in the Sand – Graffiti on Mars

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Here’s a little intergalactic Easter egg…

Our latest Mars Rover “Curiosity”, which set down on the Red Planet last year – August 2012, has a curious pattern molded into the tread of its 20 inch wheels…

For those of you well versed in the ancient language of the Old West, or perhaps even the mayday calls of the High Seas, try to decode the message without Googling the image.

For the rest of us mortals, you can click through on the image to engage your magic decoder ring.

What other cool or interesting hidden messages have you run across?

Image Source: A secret for today’s game, but totally Public Domain.

  • And I thought this was about the dirty little doodles NASA was leaving on Mars.
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  • Number_Six

    James May got himself fired from Autocar magazine in the 1990s with this effort:

    • FЯeeMan

      Work's gotten slow, and new content is a bit light here, so I'm wandering aimlessly through some old posts.

      This. Is. Epic!!! He spent nearly a year putting together this little hoax and he got fired for it? For shame, Autocar! Where's your sense of humor?

  • It says, "Fallout 4 The Survivor twenty-two ninety-nine will be released on November the twelfth two thousand thirteen" when you look at it in a mirror under UV light. Heard it in a love song. Can't be wrong.

    • nanoop

      Oh, Fallout 1-3 are full of in-jokes, Fallout 2 was even criticized for not taking itself serious – not by me though, it's my favourite of the series.
      I bought me an Xbox "full turn" just for Fallout 3 (then the cheapest hardware to run the game). Not in the traditional target group, I won't get Fallout 4 within the next three years. Instead, I'll stay here and tighten the vices on my shoulders.

  • Martin M

    Point of order. The wheels are not molded, they are machined. Specifically, they are aluminum with titanium springs serving as both spokes and suspension.

  • jalopjackie


    I could be wrong, but I think that spells out:

    H-A-L-F-L-I-F-E-3-R-E-L-E-A-S-E-O-N- …then I can't make out the rest.