What Ever Became of…Painting Portraits?


In numerous movies, one of the ways to show that a character has a ridiculous ego is to have him walk into a room with a giant portrait of himself on the wall, often doing something mildly absurd.  This always seems all the more out of place because nobody gets such things done any more.  We don’t add our portrait to our own family hall of history, perhaps simply because most of us don’t have the spare space to keep a hall of history.  But the other day, a co-worker of mine was considering trying to get such a thing made, the portrait I mean, not the hall of history.  It was mostly a bit of a joke on a lark, but as he was talking about it and asking around, it became clear that no one really knew of any place that you could go and get such a painting done.  Has technology taken over, and people would just rather photoshop themselves into a scene than to mess with commissioning a painting?  Have the true artists of the world begun to take themselves so seriously that they would not stoop to such commercial drivel?  What ever happened to painted portraits?

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