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User Input: Creative Vandalism

Edmonton Speed Traps

Yesterday, sometime in the very early morning, someone went around to all the signs welcoming visitors to the City of Edmonton, and… modified the signs. Where they had formerly read “City of Champions”, the signs were replaced with various different messages: “City of Speed Traps”, “Road Construction City”, “City of Potholes”, among others. But this was not just normal vandalism; the signs were well-made, using similar fonts, and made from appropriate materials, glued and screwed into place so they wouldn’t fall off. It is some of the most involved vandalism anyone can remember, and the populace seems to be evenly divided between offended and amused.

The police are investigating, and apparently taking it very seriously, but there also seems to be an undercurrent within the citizens which says, “Oh lighten up, enjoy the humour”. Perhaps if it didn’t actually involve damage to the original signs, it would have been widely accepted as quite funny.

What’s the best comical vandalism you’ve ever seen?