Shutdown: Happy Halloween!

Hot dog fanciers

Don’t have a good costume idea? Try ‘Exalted Hot Dog Fancier’! Simple and delicious!

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  • OA5599

    Aren't they supposed to eat those from the inside out? To make hollow weenies, of course.

    • Did you sprain something when you came up with that? I definitely had a Naso-Lactal Hemorrhage when I read it.

  • I think the guy that painted the sign is an ancestor of mine. Our family motto is "Whaddaya mean 'sketch it out in pencil first'?! You think I don't know how many letters I can fit?" (Which sounds a lot more elegant in Latvian.)

  • cruisintime

    That is a well dressed crowd.
    Only six hot dogs in sight
    That guy in the left rear is eating his finger.
    And none of them look one bit Exalted.