Seems Like Longer….


Three years ago, an idea takes form in the minds of our intrepid heroes….

“It’s really rainin’, eh?”

“Oh yeah, it’s really pissing down.”

“Whose bright idea to move to B.C. was it now, eh? Yours I think.”

“You lived here already, you hoser. Don’t try to blame it on me.”

“I wonder if it’s raining as hard under those larch trees over there?”

“Those aren’t larch trees you idjut, they’re maples. Where are you from, Quebec?” [eyes his partner suspiciously] “Let’s go see, eh.”

“Sure. Maybe they’ll burn and we can get warm,eh.”

[Walking] “Nah, everything is too fookin’ wet to burn. Hey, what do you think about starting one of those ‘blog’ things, eh?”

“What, and write about standing in the pouring rain in full kit? That’ll be popular.”

[Voices fading] “No, you hoser. We could write about junk and stuff, eh. Maybe about old gear and guns.”

“Oh yeah, we could do pictures of toasters too, eh. I like toasters.”

And an empire was born….


  • SSurfer321

    I laughed heartily 🙂 Traditional 3rd Year Anniversary gift is leather, so here you go.

    <img src=""&gt;
    A leather toaster.

  • Thank you.

    • The Professor

      You're welcome?

  • Metric Wrench

    Another fine Canuck export. Hosers.

  • skitter

    I was told there would be cake.

    • The Professor

      Hah! Donuts possibly, and if you're lucky they'll be a bit softer and somewhat fresher than the cobblestones outside.
      Also, some sort of brown swill that Fearless Leader brews but never drinks (he always brings a Tim Horton's take out). Techie is the only one that will drink it, and it makes him twitch uncontrollably for a few minutes after his first swallow.

      Bon Appétit.

  • Number_Six

    I was told I could keep my red Swingline stapler.

    • sawermassey

      "We're going to need you to write 3 posts a day 8 days a week without overtime. Can you have the first one on my desk in 5mins? That would be great"

      • The Professor

        Add to that "Without getting paid" and you'll be getting close.

    • The Professor

      Well, then you had better hide it before the boss shows up.