Flickering of Magic candles, USS Midway’s 70th Birthday

Fleet in NY Navy Day celebrations 27Oct45

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the Carrier USS Midway’s (CV-41) keel being laid, 27 OCT 1943. Known as the “Midway Magic” she went on to have a long, famous and distinguished career that saw action as recently as Desert shield & Storm.

To celebrate, here’s an amazing photo of my first ship in her first year of service. This was taken a mere 2 years later, also this date 27 OCT, during the post-WWII celebration “Navy Day” of 1945 in New York Harbor.

My grandfather steamed alongside this grand old ship when she first launched back in 1945. Bookmarking her career in our family, I was privileged and honored to ride her home to American soil for the first time in nearly 2 decades when she retired after Desert Storm, 1992.

She spent her last 17 years forward deployed in the Far-East, proudly home-ported out of Yokosuka Japan as America’s first and only forward-deployed carrier at the time. She now spends her days as a porthole in time as a museum ship in San Diego CA, although greatly modernized and grown up since this early photo was taken.

Also seen in this AMAZING photograph are the USS Augusta, USS Enterprise, USS Missouri, USS New York, USS Helena, and USS Macon (the heavy cruiser, NOT the airship, thanks Stu!) floating above the Hudson River, 27 Oct 1945.

Happy birthday to the “Magic” of the 7th fleet, Tip of the Sword – Foreign Legion!

Midway FL patch

USS Midway “Foreign Legion” patch, Shield shows the Rising Sun for its home in the Far East, ship’s hull number, “Tip of the Sword”, and in Latin “Always Separate”

Sources – United States Navy National Museum of Naval Aviation

  • "…and in Latin 'Always Separate'"

    For the sake of clarity, that's the adjective, not the imperative verb.

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      Odd turn of phrase either way.

      • "Always Distinct/Distinctive/Distinguished" might give a better sense of the meaning than the English cognate, although it should be combined with a distinct (so to speak) sense of "Isolated" as well. It works better in Latin.

        Perhaps "Always Set Apart."

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