Startup: That’ll Hold It

chalked-wheelYou know, in case the parking brake fails.


  • chrystlubitshi

    I love this type of photography. It's the subtlety that makes the image. At a glance, (with this image) one might notice the little figure; but in general it just looks like a pic of a wheel– I should be better at this game… is that an old school saturn logo in the middle of the wheel?

    • krazykarguy

      Yeah – that's a Saturn, likely an L300.

  • Off topic.

    I knew yesterday was going to be a strange day when I received an order of nuts and butt splices, then another order of flexible shaft lube.

    Just so you don't get the wrong idea:

    • Nuclearspork

      I didn't have to look at the mcmaster's page to know they are valid things to order, but I still have to childishly giggle at it.