Covet Thy Neighbours' Swag

Sometimes Free Stuff Isn’t Worth It


Like most folks who hail from the Great State of Texas, I happen to think it is a pretty cool place, and like many state and government type agency places, Texas has an online historical archives and images and such available on the webs.  While looking through that website back when I discovered it, I ended up signed up for a daily email, a sort of “This Day in History” type thing.  Well, one exciting historical event that I learned all about that I had been missing out on was a train that arrived at its destination—3 years late!  In a fascinating scenario that probably would be entirely unlikely these “a Gulf and Inter-State Railway passenger train from Beaumont pulled into Port Bolivar” after being delayed by a hurricane that hit in 1900.  Because of money troubles, and just generally slower rates of construction, it took those three years to finish the track near Port Bolivar destroyed by the storm. <TexasHistoryOnline>

One thing that you won’t have to wait three years for is the chance to pick up some choice free swag off the wonderful world of the internet.  Get out there on your favorite online classifieds site and see what you can find!  Last week’s big winner was Devin with a slightly modified—for the better—box spring.  Hit the jump to take a look!