Quixotic Quantum Quandary

Q³: Headliners

Q3 No86 Pic 1

The other day at work, I walked by a sort of mechanical section in the building, and there were some pipes making like a running water sound, and then there was some other pipe or some something making this like squeaking/chirping sound, and it totally sounded like a creek with frogs in the summertime.  It was pretty interesting how a couple of sounds could trigger a summertime memory.  Maybe a little cue in the picture you see above can jog your memory a little, and help you solve today’s Quandary!  And hit the jump to see last week’s!

Q3 No85 Answer
Kudos go to cruisintime, first of several loyal commenters to nail the correct answer, thanks to his clearly vast knowledge of heavy equipment! Nice job! Give us your answer to this week’s Quandary in the comments!