The Nothing


While driving around on two-tracks and forestry roads last weekend we routinely were in areas with no cell signal. It was almost incredible to suddenly have no connection to the outside world. Incredible and awesome and relaxing and liberating. The only real problem I had was when the GPS app on my phone could no longer download maps. We found ourselves driving in The Nothing.

The Nothing, however, is even more deep of a concept than just a loss of cell signal. The Nothing is what happens when we stop dreaming. When we stop thinking the “what ifs” and the fantasies that humans are so capable, yet often too busy, to dream up. The Nothing is a deadness unlike any other that comes when we become overly focused on the “real world” and forget about the world inside our mind.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrG-lsrXKRM[/youtube]

Don’t let The Nothing take away your imagination.

[Image Credit: momemntslater.blogspot.com]

  • I've never seen The Neverending Story (could there even be a sequel?), but there's been much talk about it at The Exploratorium because the R/V Falkor was docked at the end of our pier.

    <img src="https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-l8XZU03AU0s/UfWWfalCWiI/AAAAAAAAAu8/VRqm9zzhL9Y/FalkorSF3.JPG&quot; width="550/">

    It's a private research vessel (R/V) owned by Schmidt Ocean Institute (Eric and Wendy Schmidt of the Googles), and yes, the little Zodiac runabout that sits on the top of the deck is named Atreyu. Isn't that precious?!


  • cruisintime

    I have little contact with the outside world,and it is liberating. Few people have my phone # . Some days I do not activate it.
    Our children are dying out there texting the newest nothings,while at the wheel.
    This is not new to me. I have no time for the blather that occupies most peoples attention.