Startup: Seriously Riveted


In case of zombie attack… maybe find something less rusty.

  • OA5599

    [youtube dyXEjn7f330 youtube]

    • Industrial training films are usually boring, but that one was downright riveting!

      • I expected to be drawn in but was left cold.

        • Well, they kept hammering on the same points, but I think that was necessary to properly drive home the message.

          • SSurfer321

            I like how the video popped, it helped hold the concept together.

          • Apparently I was the only one bent out of shape by it, but I refuse to withdraw from my position.

          • Yes, they made good use of their bucks, but I think it went to their heads.

    • FreeMan

      whatever type of video that is is blocked at the office, and Firefox on the phone says a plugin is needed, but won't tell me which one… what plugin do i need? thanks!

      • OA5599

        Whatever you need to watch youtube.

        Here is the URL if you want to watch it in a non-embedded format, such as the youtube app.

        • FreeMan

          Seems I needed to install flash, which is no longer officially supported, but work arounds are, as always, available.


  • FreeMan

    I. Must. Have. One!

  • The Professor

    It's a pity that zombies can't get tetanus, because that thing would make a nice weapon if they did.

  • cruisintime

    I posted the above picture at a Facebook page -abandoned and neglected vehicles-2 hours ago,and so far it has 123 likes and 81 comments. I have no idea what this means, but there it is.