Startup: Engrish Chopper

engrish-rc-helicopterYeah man, don’t be fly. Just stay cool, hepcat.


  • FЯeeMan

    So that's where babies come from.

  • Number_Six

    blame damage might replace Vomit Cushion as my favourite fake band name

    • Felis_Concolor

      One friend's random J-Pop band name generator came up with Chaotic Penis on a lucky button click – and there's also the English language line which was never translated over from a particular Sailor Moon episode for the U.S. market: "Moon Gentle Uterus!"

      • Number_Six

        Chaotic Penis is pretty good, but Rudimentary Peni till that soil nearly thirty years ago. Moon Gentle Uterus, on the other hand, is a brilliant band name…

        [youtube VpvbwwV2dZk youtube]

        • Number_Six

          "Tilled", even.

        • "Peni" translates as "provisions" or "groceries" which is, I suppose, a reasonable enough choice for a band name. If, however, they were hoping for something a bit more anatomical, that plural is "penes."

          • Number_Six

            Give them a break: they could learn one word in latin or two chords on guitar.

          • RahRahRecords

            there was a band around here a few years ago called Pen XV ( do the math). I never saw them play, but their graffiti tags were everywhere.

    • Deartháir

      Other than Post Apocalyptic Taco Truck, of course.

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