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Hindenberg Colorized


This famous photo of the Hindenberg disaster was originally taken in black and white (hit the break for the original). However, thanks to Dana Keller and the Colorized History sub-reddit, we can now see it in color. The black and white image is impressive, but it fails to capture the magnitude of destruction. Your mind’s eye doesn’t colorize black and white all that readily. Thus, the “oh the humanity” quote may seem over the top when looking at the black and white. However, when you see a colorized version you might find yourself saying, “Oh the humanity” in a non-ironic way.


[Image Credits: Dana Keller via Twisted Sifter]

  • I think it needs something else. You know, to make it pop.

    <img src="; width="300">

    • jeepjeff

      • Dean Bigglesworth
      • monkey_tennis

        You do all realise that the gas inside manatees is not as flammable as everyone makes out, don't you? It is in fact the special composition of the manatee's skin that made it such a ferocious and deadly explosion.

        That, and the fact that it was huge…

        • jeepjeff

          I do. Also, manatee gas burns very faintly, the roaring yellow fire coming off of the manatee is clearly the skin burning, and it's HUUUUUUUUGE!!!1!

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