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BREAKING NEWS: Government Admits Area 51 Exists

Area 51

George Washington University’s National Security Archive obtained recently declassified documents from the US government which describe the genesis of the CIA’s portion of the AEC’s Nevada Test Site and its use as a base for the nation’s great spy planes, including the U-2 and SR-71. This would be the first time, as far as anyone knows, that the US government has officially released documents acknowledging the existence of the CIA’s area of the Nevada Test Site, known in the tin foil hat circles I run in, as Area 51. So there you have it. The worst kept secret in national security is no longer an official secret. Well, except for the aliens. But those are actually held at Wright-Patterson AFB.

You can download the newly declassified documents here.

[Image Credit: National Security Archive / AP]

  • Hmm, might be a good weekend to watch "Paul" again.

  • pj134

    Page not found… Someone's in trouuuuuuble.

  • cruisintime

    How cool is it that the older high altitude recon craft are still flying.
    No computer to download, hands on balls out flying.

  • The Professor

    Bah, of course Area 51 exists – it's been on all of the BLM maps for donkeys. Now then, what did they happen to say about the Groom Lake Experimental Air Station? Anything? Even a denial?

  • MartMns

    Ha! Big deal! Admiting the existance of "Area 51" is merely a diversion, deliberately inteded to take away media attention from the way beyond even 'super-ultra-triple-top secret' "Area 52" site where the real crazy-secret stuff goes on!!!!