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That’s No Ordinary House

Green Street Bunker Residence

The Allies seem to have been pretty obsessed with diversion and camouflage during WW2. The house you see above is part of that obsession. It is part of the Green Street Bunker built in West End (Townsville), Queensland by the Royal Australian Air Force. Construction of the bunker, located on the outskirts of a residential neighborhood, included a house similar to those in the area. Below the house was a concrete bunker which housed the headquarters for the North-Eastern Area Command responsible for protection or airways, sea lanes, and reconnaissance in the north-eastern area of Australia.

Never mind all that. I wonder if the Girl Guides tried selling their biscuits to this house?

[Image Credit: Phenss]

  • BlackIce_GTS

    Now that's my kind of front yard.
    A carport would be a nice addition in sunny Townville*.
    Presumably the bunker is quite large, where does everyone park? Maybe the front of the house opens and there's a ramp down to an underground parkade. It's WWII, very little is too ridiculous.

    *Oh, Australia. Your reputed straightforwardness in naming amuses me more with every example.

    • skitter

      **Modestly named for himself by someone named Towns, who had just enough sense to realize that Townstown didn't sound right?

  • FuzzyPlushroom

    Based on how often the City of Townsville was attacked by various mutants and evil-doers, I can see the value in a concrete bunker.

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  • Lest ye think the Yagi antenna on the industrial strength tower is a giveaway, remember Ham Radio was still quite big around WWII, and I imagine even necessary in a place as big and sparse as Australia, even in the 'burbs.

    • It didn't even occur to me to think of it as other than a perfectly normal Ham antenna. Perhaps that's because I married someone who has a Ham license, though.