Startup: Tank Beetle



The ultimate hipster vehicle: retro, tacky, and awesome.

  • chrystlubitshi

    this makes me feel all funny inside

  • I see a steering wheel. How does that work?

  • The only unawesome thing about this is it isn't in my garage.

  • FreeMan

    why are there red lights on the front. that can't be road legal

    • for the BLITZ!

    • B72

      That shade of green is clearly a form of camouflage, so it can hide in split pea soup fog.

      The red lights are so you don't ruin the enemy's night vision. Because that wouldn't be sporting.

  • FreeMan


    Berlin to Warsaw in one tank!

    /shows self out the door.

  • robster

    Hitler’s revenge!!

  • Steve Northcutt That was an easy mood

  • Tamikin

    Where would one get specs to make one of these???

  • teacupnordic

    Can it pull a track-setter for X-C grooming?

  • Steven

    I love the conversion, it's really cool, but those treads are going to add a lot of rolling resistance and VW engines are notoriously underpowered. Good luck getting this thing to climb a hill without dropping anything less than a Porshe flat six in there and then you're probably going to need water cooling. And back to OP, let's look at steering, you're gonna have to use a transfer box that will split the torque between axles and all from a rear engine, weight, complexity and custom engineering to be able to steer this thing. Is it a roller or just a shower?

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  • Frank

    A 1600 dual port motor would move this just fire as it floated.
    All you would have to do is install a double cable u-brake so you can slow one side or the other to turn it no problem.