Shutdown: What Could Go Wrong?


Somebody never read Catch-22…

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  • FreeMan

    I thought the seating at modern airports was bad.

  • [youtube 9ux3a_B8Vk8 youtube]

    I wanna job makin' public service commercials!

    • Don't think I didn't notice the litterbug in the final commercial was also guilty of driving a Chevrolet pickup truck on the Texas highways.

    • That's one of the most awesomest videos I've ever seen.

      Growing up we had a fire-bomber base near us, and on climb-out they flew a hundred feet or so directly over our heads on the ridge we were on, including B-17s and F4Fs among others.

      It's a sound I'll remember till the day I die.

  • Catch-22 is hands down my favorite book ever.

    We have a freeway exit nearby that reads Washington Irving district,, and I chuckle every time I see it.

    The movie plain sucked. Missed all the humor by a nautical mile.

    • alex

      I read Catch 22 when it came out, and have re-read it about 5 times. It is absolutely brilliant. The movie had its moments but was disappointing.

    • skitter

      Crap, looks like I posted under ZomBee's account again.