Startup: Safe, Alternative Energy

wind_turbine_failWind power is one of the safest, cleanest forms of OHMYGODRUNFORYOURLIFE


  • It's a damn tragedy that two cows died in the wind leak. They were medium rare though, so that's an upside

  • citroen67

    Great. A refinery is down. There goes the damned electric prices.

  • Transmission and storage remain as bottlenecks to widespread adoption.

    • The Professor

      Short range transmission would be fine using lightning rods, connected to a sizable array of Leyden jars to smooth out a voltage a bit, and to provide some storage. I'd love to have one of the things in my back yard, although the neighbors would probably start whining again.

  • My cousin has a Gaia-Wind wind turbine. The output is half what he projected. Mostly due to parasitic losses inside the unit itself. He added a solar array since all the wiring was done and he is much happier with that.

  • windbuechse

    [youtube CqEccgR0q-o youtube]

    It is interesting when the transmission and brakes fail…

  • CopterBob

    When complete, the new Tesla-Turbine wind farm will be a spectacular sight at night.