Startup: Rubber Band Mini Gun


Your coworkers will never see it coming. Especially when you take out their eyes.

  • I must know… how does it fire? it looks like the rubber band is captured between two nails that don't move…

    • jalopjackie

      Near as I can tell (and from what I recall about these contraptions), I think the rotating assembly pushes the rear set of nails past an inclined ramp which presses against the nail. As the nail slides past, the ramp effectively advances up the nail, pushing the band off it.

      I would guess that getting the gun to fire reliably would rely on getting the ramp tension just right. A fiddly job indeed.

    • I have an excellent handheld version that simply has a string that you weave in under each rubber band. Thus, you can load multiple rubber bands on each position. Rotating the barrel opposite the anchor of the string pulls each band and only that band off very reliably.

      Only takes about a half hour to load up a hundred bands or so! Good for a three second burst, which can take out everyone in my living room. Good for finding that hidden cat under the couch.

      • The Professor

        I was going to say that it needs an autoloader.

  • CopterBob

    You should see the version they put in the A-10. It'll leave one serious welt on any tank made.

    • vroomsocko

      Especially when they load the depleted uranium rubber bands.