Startup: M113 Bar Counter

m113-bar-counterAll you need is a spare M113 and an angle grinder. And paint. And wood. And a beer tap. Don’t forget to put the tread back on or it just doesn’t look as cool.


  • Really needs a .50 Cal mounted on there somehow or better yet a M2 parts kit converted to beer taps.

    • vroomsocko

      I like the idea of military surplus beer taps filling my tankard. Cheers!

  • vroomsocko

    I'd like to open a tab, I plan on getting tanked tonight.

  • Mike England

    LOL this is too cool for words!!

  • Bob didn't quite understand the ter "half-track".

    • SSurfer321

      nor did he purchase the proper "bright tank" for his micro-brew.

  • vroomsocko

    Joe was far removed from the bars he would normally tread, but knew he was on the right track when he found this place. I'll see myself out…

  • Bring me a tankard of your finest brew.

  • I wonder if the other side of the tank had been facing the firing line on the practice range? This might just be all that's left. (Hah, that pun slipped in by osmosis, I apologize.)

  • The M113 Armoired Personnel Carrier.

  • BlackIce_GTS

    This is the beer tap.
    This is the handbrake.
    Do not confuse them.