Startup: Chunky is the New Sexy

PUBLISHED by catsmob.comNothing says “I’m cool” like a skin that makes your smartphone as easy to store and carry as a highway patrolman radio from the 80’s.


  • skitter

    Still holding out for a rotary.

  • Gonna be pretty hard to fit that in the pocket of your skinny jeans. You'll probably have to bungee it to your fixie.

  • fodder650

    Unless it has a secondary speaker giving you an audible hiss then you are losing half the affect of having an old analog cell phone.

  • And right on cue an ad for Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses appears in the side bar.

    I wonder was it the phrase 'highway patrolman' in the post or the word 'hipster' in the replies?

  • Slow_Joe_Crow
  • Maymar

    Several months back, my work finally got around to abandoning the ancient massive quasi-tablets we needed to do our job (seriously, these things were running XP), and wrote a phone-based app. After much testing, they decided we'd be using iPhone 5's. You know, sleek, compact, relatively modern (and more importantly, I assume spec-wise, it was roughly what we needed).

    And then they wrap it in an OtterBox;
    <img src="; /img>

    • craigsu

      A few students at the school where I work have OtterBoxes for their iPhones. They can never seem to connect their headphones without tearing up the opening and, when they have to remove the OtterBox for connecting to an audio/charging dock, it invariably gets dropped because they aren't used to holding it apart from the dimensions of the OtterBox.

      • Maymar

        Considering I'm pretty tethered to keeping it charged (the battery life is good for maybe 3 hours of constant use and I need to keep it constantly running for 8, less time driving between sites), I haven't had much problem with opening the charge port.

        That said, I do drop it on occasion, where the strap comes into handy. Until that catches on something, and I drop it. But, the case seems to work about as advertised.