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Sometimes Free Stuff Isn’t Worth It


Technology takes on many forms and uses, and sometimes we come across, shall we say interesting creations that fit a very specific purpose.  Depending on whether you would ever have reason to work in that particular field, you might have no idea that such a thing could exist, or ever that it would need to.  Even better, is such an item being given away from free, because you really need to find the right person to take possession of such a specific use item.

Luckily, here at AT, we love the quirky and unusual and udderly ridiculous, especially when it has the bonus of being sexually suggestive!  There seems to be something in the water up in the gently rolling hills of Colorado, as we have another outstanding ad from $kaycog! She has found a “Titty Bar”, and you’ll have to hit the jump to see the ad, which luckily she grabbed a screenshot of!  Caution, NSFDF*!

*Not Safe For Dairy Farmers


See what you can find on your favorite local online classified service, the more oddball technology the better, and share it with us in the comments!  You too can have a chance at oh-so-fleeting internet fame!

  • Devin

    Here are some X Box boxes. No X Boxes, just the boxes. I guess one could say they are ex X Box boxes, as there are no longer any X Boxes to put in the boxes.

    <img src="$T2eC16NHJGYFFkmj8cVfBRz58HWzM!~~48_20.JPG&quot; width="500">

    For all your ex X Box box needs

  • $kaycog

    FREE Car Parts! This listing was removed, but I copied the content. I don't know the laws about booted vehicles, but I have a feeling what this guy shouldn't have been trying to give the parts away.
    "So, here's the situation. The car got booted and the tickets are more than the value of the car is. Therefore, I left the hood popped and the keys in the ignition. Take what you can and need. The car is in running condition, though you can't take the whole car. DON'T DO ANYTHING TO THE BOOTS, THAT'S ILLEGAL.
    Here are some pics of what there is under the hood. If you want to take the doors and whatever you want for junk metal, that's fine as well. Just leave the windows down and the car unlocked for the next person to grab whatever they can as well.
    3.8 l engine. Has less than 140K on it
    new alternator
    1 y.o. battery
    whatever else cars have.

    Hope someone can enjoy it better than the city."

    <img src=""width="500"/&gt;

    • Hmm, I knew a guy whose car got stripped while parked, and the insurance refused to cover it because the car had not been stolen. So evidently it's not theft if the car stays in the same place.

      But what is this guy thinking? He still owes all the tickets whether he has the car or just part of it or none of it. (Massachusetts and California would say so, anyway.) He'll have a hard time registering anything until he pays what he owes. Es la ley.

      I smell jealous lover, or BAIT CAR!

      • People apply the same logic when their car is about to get repossessed. Your state may vary slightly but,um, no.

        • BUT, if your car gets totaled all bets are off. I think you need to leave the VIN, that's about it. My old K-5 Blazer got totaled. I kept the radio and speakers, rear seat, and all the emblems, maybe the battery too. I never heard a peep about it. With some help from my State Farm agent Progressive FINALLY paid out for it. I got what I paid for it 10 years earlier.

          • That's up to your insurance company as far as fair market value. Again your state may vary, but if you owe money on the car, you may still have to pay. Totaled or not.

            The worst situation I ever ran into was a guy had his car stolen, joyridden and recovered. Cracked the oilpan and siezed the motor. Insurance paid for a new oilpan but not the rest of the motor. Apparently the policy didn't cover "consequential damage." He asked me if it would hurt his credit. I told him nope, cause you're gonna keep making the payments. We eventually worked something out and I have a sneaking suspicion that he currently has better insurance.

          • This was a 1979 Blazer in 2003, it was was bought in 1992 for cash. The accident wasn't my fault. The other guy's insurance tried to pay out at "book value" which is no where near market value as far as old trucks are concerned. Kelly and NADA are laughably off base with old trucks and old BMWs. State Farm did a Market Assessment, that and threatened reports to the state insurance commissioner finally got me a fair price.
            I know you can get Gap Insurance to cover the difference between what is owed and market value. I just refinanced my truck and the loan value is still more than I paid for it new 2-1/2 years ago.

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  • Felis_Concolor

    Hurry up; it's at the corner of Santa Fe and 13th! It'll be quickest to take I-25 to Colfax east, then hit Speer to 13th to avoid the maze of one-ways in that section.