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Ship 7109

Ship 7109

On Delta Airlines’ blog they had an interesting post about one of their workhorse Boeing 777-200LR aircraft and a typical 9 days in its life. As you can see from the infographic, it traveled 86,700 miles, went to 9 distinct airports, and carried almost 4,000 passengers. Here’s some more information you may or may not care to know: the plane clocked 168 hours in those 9 days and burned 375,000 gallons of fuel.

[Image Credit: Delta Airlines]

  • skitter

    77.7(repeating)% of it's life running
    Average speed over those hours: 516mph
    2232 gallons per hour or .2312mpg
    At an average load of 244 passengers, 56.4 passenger miles per gallon, or nearly double what I get on my commute.


    I do consider the safety, reliability, and INSANE scope of the global airline industry to be a much bigger technological achievement than anything we've launched into space. The machines, pilots and their support systems that we've engineered to perform at these limits are amazing, and yet I will throw an absolute ****fit when my flight is delayed by an hour.