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The Power of Rednecks

Trash Truck

Ever wondered just how powerful a garbage truck’s trash compactor is? No, we haven’t either. But that’s okay, because you’re about to find out!

This promotional video was posted by a company called New Way, who apparently builds these things. Never mind that, watch this. Best use for a Pontiac Grand Am in years.


[Thanks to Tyler Brand for the tip…]

  • The Professor

    Needs more explosions.

  • skitter

    Way better than that scene in The Getaway.

  • TurboBrick

    Oh look, a Grand Am of that age with a space saver donut on it! Surprise!

  • "Where's my Grand Am? I left it parked at the curb by the trash cans."

  • $kaycog

    And now the Grand Am is a Grand Was.