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This Is A Truck And A Home

Fuso Overlander

It seems to be Truck Tuesday here on the Toasters, so I’m sharing with you one of the coolest truck-based pieces of awesome I’ve seen all week. This last weekend in Prescott, AZ was the annual Overland Expo. Overland enthusiasts from around the world gather to gaze upon the latest and greatest in outdoor sport equipment and overland gear. Some of the biggest hits are the expedition rigs from companies like EarthRoamer and Global Expedition Vehicles. The latter has started using the Mitsubishi Fuso as a basis for one of its models of professionally built and uber expensive vehicles for adventure travel. The Fuso has support all over the world so whether you’re in South America or Southeast Asia you will be able to get repair parts.

With that in mind is the lede photo of a homebuilt Fuso overland rig. The Fuso has proven to be a very capable chassis with 4WD and fairly simple construction. Heck, they have leaf springs front and rear and a simple Diesel engine with locking differentials. Just add a pickup bed camper and some storage lockers and go explore the world. I’d be willing to bet that this machine cost less than half of what Global Expedition Vehicles would charge for one of their machines. That means more money for things like gas in Azerbaijan or bribes to border guards in Kenya.

[Image Credit: Exploring Elements Instagram]

  • Toxic Avenger

    From my experience that truck is parked at just the right angle for draining the septic tank!

  • Plecostomus

    am I the only one anywhere near as annoyed as I am by that "crappy polaroid" filter that Instagram applies to things?

    note: I do not have the instagram app or an account, I just see the pictures and am annoyed by the filters.