The Style of Technology

Steampunk Diving with the US Navy


This is a US Navy diving suit from the early 1900s. The diver was supplied with this canvas suit, brass “hard hat”, weighted belts and boots, and a knife. That’s it. Air came via a hand-operated bellows pump on the deck of the boat and a hose connected to the helmet. Divers with these systems, and the much heavier 1 atmosphere systems, would simply walk along the sea bed like they were walking to the market. If you ask me, the style of these old suits is much more appealing than the creepy fish-man costumes divers wear today.

[Image Credit: engineerd™]

  • Plecostomus

    except, you know, that nasty risk of being sucked into your helmet should the on deck compressor fail and your helmet's safety valve is dirty and stuck…

    There's a great episode of Mythbusters on it.

  • fodder650

    Shh…. don't tell Bob that he peed in his suit.