Startup: Yacht Transport

Each year, rich people migrate their yachts from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean – but who wants to sail the Atlantic? Dockwise Yacht Transport has specialty cargo ships with built in dry docks to move batches of yachts without having to go to the trouble of staffing, fuelling, and operating the craft across a major ocean. Ballast tanks on the cargo carrier sink the ship to flood the main cargo hold, yachts are floated in to place, then the water is pumped out to keep the yachts stable and safe for the journey.

  • Which one of those belongs to Xzibit?

  • OA5599

    Somebody had to come up with this business model. He probably thought, "You know, there are enough rich guys who are not happy with which side of the ocean their yacht is currently in, and even though they are rich, they are not foolhardy enough to pay their own fuel for an ocean crossing. I can build a ship big enough to hold several of these fat cats' playtoys, and let them pay me enough to cover my fuel, my crew, my boat, and a tidy profit." Then he found the money to build the transport ship and the rich guys to make this a business.

  • That's definitely a first world problem, but a cool ship.

    • BlackIce_GTS

      More a… 0st world problem?
      1% problem! That's grammatical.
      "The Med is just terrible in the off season, but there's no decent clubs in the mid-Atlantic."*

      *No offense intended to the Azorean club scene, rich people are picky!

  • This is useful, I suppose, for those with a single yacht. I prefer to keep my number evenly distributed around the globe.

  • Slow_Joe_Crow

    Cool idea, it's a logical extension of the military LSD and he can probably get extra work by doing deliveries from Asian shipyards to Europe or the Americas.