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Darth Vader On A Unicycle In A Kilt Playing Bagpipes


It’s always sad when evil villain’s plans are spoiled by the forces of good and they don’t have a fallback career.

Thanks to P161911 for the tip!

  • I can think of no surer sign that the weekend has begun.

  • That's actually Ralph Vader. He's unsafe at any pitch.

  • Yeah, buddy, whatever. Just keep it off the freeway or I'll be "forced" to write a ticket.

    <img src="; width="500">

  • $kaycog

    He's on his way to work. He works at a restaurant, and his name is Darth Waiter.

  • taborj

    I've actually seen this guy; he's in Portland, OR. He was playing Christmas carols (dressed as Vader) near Peacock Lane (which puts on a huge, block long light show every year). He's all over YouTube, too.

    Oh, yeah, and he dresses as Gandalf sometimes (see below).

    • BlackIce_GTS

      Weird shit + Oregon plates = Portland!

      I find the idea of being an American vaguely disquieting (probably just standard xenophobia), but Portland seems like a really nice city and I think about moving there sometimes.
      I really like Vancouver, but I'm not sure it's worth the cost of living there.

  • taborj

    [youtube 9uFTBCg-C84 youtube]

    • Renchick

      That. Is. Amazeballs.

  • toxicavenger1

    Those Prius owners have some wierd habits.