Free Range Technology

Damn The Machines!


I love coffee. I can’t function until that first cup of brew is in my hands. I don’t even have to drink it. Just knowing I have caffeinated wonderfulness awaiting me is enough to let my brain start to work. I love the taste. I love the warmth…even in summer. I love everything about it. I’ll drink coffee from anywhere — Starbucks, Biggby, Second Cup, Timmy Ho’s, Double D’s. I have a Cuisinart Grind N’ Brew at home. Best kitchen invention ever. It’s a pain to keep clean, though. And an old timey coffee mill or even a newfangled electric one takes up too much space in my small kitchen. Plus, there are times where electricity isn’t available. Like when I’m camping or running from zombies. Or the man.

Grower’s Cup, a company out of Denmark, has the answer. Single origin goodness, from fair trade sources comes in pouch form. That pouch doesn’t yield nasty freeze dried Folgers “coffee”, but instead a delightful cup of rich, heavenly coffee. The secret is in both the care Grower’s Cup takes in selecting and roasting the beans to the pouch itself. Inside is 26 grams of coffee in a pouch that allows three cups of water to extract the flavor then filter down to the bottom portion. From there, the god-like nectar can be poured into your favorite travel mug and enjoyed.

The next time I need to bug out to the mountains of Montana until the statute of limitations expires on my latest crime, I can still enjoy some damn good coffee. Damn the man and his machines!

[Image Credit: Grower’s Cup]