Startup: New Smiley Predates The Smiley!

smiley_the_movieMost computer nerds know the story of how the smiley was invented on the CMU digital bulletin board in 1982. If you don’t, you can find it here. tl;dr – People started to confuse which posts were serious, and which were sarcastic, so someone suggested a :-) in the subject line for clarity.

But maybe it didn’t start there! Pictured here absolutely irrefutable* evidence that the emoticon was not, in fact, invented by boffins at Carnegie Mellon, but by a man with a typewriter a full decade before. Atomictoasters Labs carbon dated the paper to verify its authenticity, and were able to demonstrate that clearly carbon dating is not at all useful for items only a few decades old.

*(Note: the words “absolutely irrefutable” in this context are used as they would appear in the average YouTube comment, which is to mean “because I decided I want it to be true.”)