Shutdown: Beautiful Tools


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Dèárthàír’s post talked about how some tools are an absolute joy to use, so much so that you dream up jobs to do just so that you can use that wonderful tool again. Here I’d like to point out that tools can also be beautiful, to the point that they are such works of art that you’re almost afraid to hold them for fear of damaging them. Ah, but when you do hold them (well, most of them), they can be almost magical in your hands. I could give you dozens of examples, but I’ve chosen a particularly stunning example of a dagger and sheath, made by Curt Erickson and engraved by his wife Julie Warenski-Erickson. Truly a beautiful tool.

I suppose that I should also point out that sometimes a beautiful tool is not necessarily a good or useful tool. A tool needs to be well designed and well made before you start worrying about how pretty it is. It’s easy to find pretty pieces of junk that are otherwise useless for anything except making your wallet lighter and occupying space in your shop. Many times however, a tool that is both well made and well designed ends up being a thing of beauty.

If you know of examples of beautiful tools, post pictures in comments. Show me your erudition in tools.

Image source: Julie Warenski Engraving