Startup: Monaco’s Open Air Cinema

Open_air_cinema_smallYesterday, engineerd™ talked about the first “for talkies” theatre on Catalina Island which reminded me of this fantastic place. A few years back I spent a couple of weeks in Monaco, and after taking in the prince’s palace and the famous Oceanographic Museum, I caught a movie in this former rose garden. Located on the southeast corner of the Rock of Monaco, it features patio furniture, a nice big screen, and fresh ocean breezes. Despite being located in the heart of a millionaire’s playground, ticket prices were the same (or cheaper) than most domestic theatres. Unlike the theatres here at home, I could relax with the Mediterranean at my back, a beer in one hand, and a smoke in the other. The only downsides were that Europeans regard corn as feed for livestock, the popcorn wasn’t exactly fresh. Also, the movie playing was Syriana with the audio in English; but, the subtitles were in French, so any time anyone spoke in Farsi or Arabic, my sister had to whisper the translation to me. As the owner of both roses and a huge-ass home theatre system, I definitely agreed that this place was a wise investment.