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User Input: User Input

Always wanted to try one of these...

Always wanted to try one of these…

Throughout the course of my day, I have the possible misfortune of using many of the most-maligned forms of input for various technological devices, often many times a day. I work with vehicles, most specifically Fords and Lincolns, which means I am extremely proficient with the various Sync and MyFord Touch technologies. In customer interactions, I frequently have to navigate the clunky Android and Blackberry interfaces to connect them through Bluetooth. I myself use an iPhone, and have a lengthy commute, meaning I use Siri at least a few times a day to listen to and respond to emails or text messages while I drive home. Hell, I’m even using a touch-screen phone, after I railed against it for over a year because I didn’t want to give up my actual buttons.

Arguably the only user interfaces more hated than those mentioned above are those for the various BMW, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz infotainment systems such as iDrive and COMAND. While I don’t frequently use those, as the resident tech nerd on site, I do occasionally get asked for help navigating those systems on pre-owned cars on the lot.

Amazingly to me, since I tend to get easily frustrated by a poor user experience, I’ve grown accustomed enough to all these systems that they make sense, and I actually enjoy using them. Siri especially, with its tendency to misinterpret phrases, can be a whole lot of fun. The best I’ve ever experienced was when I gave Siri the command, “Send text: ‘I’ll be home in fifteen minutes comma I’ll call you then period'”.

Siri replied, “Okay, I have your text ready. It reads, ‘Happy gnome invisible mints come hell goal choose imperial.’ Would you like me to send it?”


Other than the keyboard, obviously, what user input technology do you actually enjoy using?

Hat-tip to OA5599 for inspiring this question from yesterday’s Startup.

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