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User Input: Culinary Gadgetry

Waffle Maker

We don’t talk about cooking anywhere near enough here on AtomicToasters, so let’s make up for that a little bit today. Let’s face it, the culinary arts are really a very geeky endeavour. Baking involves a lot of chemistry to get the mixtures just right. Cooking is more of an art form, but it’s an art form with machinery.

I personally love cooking, although I’m not going to say I’m particularly good at it. This may be due to the fact that I really dislike doing the day-to-day, quick, throw-something-together-for-food meals. I like doing the big meals, the production, the family gatherings. Mostly because this allows me to break out the gadgets.

I think, if I tried, I could very nearly cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner without touching the stove or oven. We’ve got slow-cookers, roasting pans, MixMasters, you name it. If there’s a gadget out there that helps prepare a food of some sort, we probably have it.

The greatest of all the kitchen gadgets, however, is our industrial-grade waffle-maker in the photo above. Yes, it seems like overkill, and if we hadn’t managed to get it for free with points, we probably wouldn’t own it at all, but now that we have it, we see its worth. We’ve used the little $20 waffle makers. This is completely different. This makes waffles that taste like MOAR. The waffles come out light, fluffy, perfect. If you’re as big a fan of breakfast as I am, that’s a wonderful thing.

What’s your favourite culinary gadget?

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