Covet Thy Neighbours' Swag

Sometimes Free Stuff Isn’t Worth It


It is Sunday again here at Atomic Toasters, and that means it is time to delve into the depths of free stuff on the internet (mostly from our old friend Craigslist). Last week we saw a bunch of good stuff, not all exactly tech related, but hey, who’s really counting? Our big winners are B72 and $kaycog! B72 shared a free tattoo ad, but “you have to get it from the apprentice, not the good guy.” Plus the ad had spelling errors, always a good sign. And $kaycog shared an ad for an interesting item, “FREE: Signed Monica Lewinski poster.–Has some stains but otherwise good condition. –Otherwise unmounted.” Additionally, it was listed just a few ads above a free organ on the local list. You can’t make this stuff up! Regrettably, both ads were removed before I could grab a screenshot of all the text. And I can’t help put feel that somehow these two could be combined into a super free item–tattoo replica of the signed poster perhaps?

I also want to throw out a couple of honorable mentions, participant ribbons if you will. The first goes to Batshitbox, for finding copious amounts of VHS related items–“Taker must take all four bags.”–as well as a fine JBI Wire-O Easy Bind binding machine, and you should really hit the link and read about it! Our other ribbon goes to Renchick for an archaic perambulator, which looks fine, but the image was sadly photo-bombed by an unruly leaf.

Now on to this week! Show us what kind of obsolete technology, or just downright awesome free stuff you can find in your area, and share in the SFSIWI fun!